Modeling & Analytics


Metrics Measurement, Analysis and Forecasting – Improvement by the Numbers

Our history in re-engineering processes and implementing transformational enterprise solutions has helped our business partners optimize strategic planning, business forecasting, tactical operations planning (capacity and labor) and business simulation, and deploy value-added services.  Our Simulation Modeling allows for constructing pre-execution "what-if" scenarios. Post-execution optimization is available, based on the analysis of actual as-performed metrics. Our Transformation processes can be added to fully effect change focused on future-state opportunities, through improved business processes and practical, sustainable solutions.

Providing a Better Understanding of Capabilities and Performance for Better Decision Making

Our understanding of product reliability, logistics, service deployment cycles, new and used material strategies, and supply chain networks allows us to assess clients’ service network systems and approaches, and provide them with recommendations to optimize performance and realize both top line and bottom line benefits:

  • Performance Based Logistics
  • Repair by the Hour
  • Pool Management
  • War Room Management
  • Maintenance Operations Centers
  • Component Lease Programs
  • Exchange Management
  • Shelf Stock – Non-Shelf Stock

Serving the Entire Aviation Value Chain, from OEM to Operations to Aftermarket

For component manufacturers of original and aftermarket parts to repair organizations and small-to-midsize operators, Blu Miles offers a suite of modeling and analytics services to help identify and correct issues, test change assumptions and “what if” scenarios, and forecast future business revenue and return, all based on a detailed analysis of key performance indicators.  Who can benefit from Blu Miles Modeling & Analytics?

  • Aircraft lessors and holding companies
  • Regional airline operators
  • Business jet owners and operators
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturers and suppliers
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul organizations

Building and Deploying Superior Forecasting & Planning, KPI Metrics & More

Our approach to Business Process Modeling (BPM) allows us to rapidly understand key enterprise processes and assess compliance to the current business intent.  We identify Key Performance Indicators that permit us to measure the enterprise’s performance in the “AS IS“ state and assist the client in developing targeted objectives to drive continuous improvement.

Business Planning: 

  • ISO Compliance
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Capacity Planning (Man, Machines, Methods)

Customer Focus: 

  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Sales Compensation Programs
  • Capture Planning
  • Lead Generation Management


  • Certification and Capability Management
  • Service Forecasting and Performance Planning
  • Material Forecasting – Rotables
  • Material Planning – Service Parts
  • Repair - Turnaround Time – Mean Shop Processing Time
  • Parts – Pick Pack and Ship – Mean Warehouse Processing Time
  • Parts – Inspection
  • Service Parts Deliverable Performance

Trade Management:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Duty Drawback
  • Reconciliation Program
  • Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation

Focused Analysis Delivers Rapid Results

The business that relies on modeling and analytics to evaluate, understand and monitor process and operational improvements can identify and rectify problems sooner.  The returns start immediately, with recognizing and correcting easy-to-spot cost issues.  As the program evolves, better planning and forecasting, backed by modeling data and proofs, provide a path to a broader, KPI-based improvements, cost savings and margin enhancements.  We focus on getting your business results in a minimal amount of time with quick wins and measurable jump-off points.

Insight Through Analysis and Predictive Analytics

Product planning, production, operations, marketing, sales, customer engagement, financial management… Blu Miles Modeling & Analytics services improve and align all of these core functions and more.  Through measurement and analysis, we uncover issues that affect customer satisfaction, profit margins, growth prospects and the company’s ability to react to market changes.  seize new opportunities.  A Blu Miles Modeling & Analytics client is better informed and more agile; its strategy is sound and its direction is clear.  A Blu Miles client is equipped to counter competitive forces and seize new opportunities.