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Blu-Obi: Mastering Customer Engagement

Unique client engagement for the Aviation Industry

Decades of experience in aviation industry product and service marketing, sales and operations has given the Blu Miles team a unique capability in development of a fully automatic digital chatbot.

Our Blu-Obi chatbot technology empowers aviation companies with a versatile, machine-learning intelligence tool that enhances customer engagement and drives efficiencies in customer service. Stemming from our digital development work in creating advanced search solutions for the innovative Blu.Dot.Aero web platform, Blu-Obi takes search query-and-reply to a new level of sophistication and capability, with implications for marketing, sales and customer support. Blu-Obi enables unparalleled, secure customer communications, in multiple languages, 24/7, meaning your shop is always open and your customers questions and issues are always being addressed.

Just one of several Blu Miles solutions empowering the aviation industry with digital transformation tools that position clients to compete successfully at the highest level. To view our other innovative solutions.

Turn each web engagement into a communications win

Blu Obi is created to manage the entire customer experience from the first click to following up on your sales and delivery. Allowing your multidisciplinary team of business marketing and customer service professionals to leverage the machine learning capability of Blu-Obi to continuously improve the customer service experience in both responsiveness, depth of understanding and quality of response.

  • Facilitate Customer Engagement – easy, intuitive and measured
  • Maximum Availability – never “on hold” or waiting for a call-back; 100% uptime 24/7/365
  • Multilingual – provides a global communications capability
  • Customer Validation/Qualification – Data authentication through one-time password
  • Improved Interaction – expand involvement and conversation with prospects and customers
  • Mine and Maximize Your Data – let your data speak to your customer

Blu-Obi reaches across the aviation and aerospace value chain

Regardless of your company’s place in the aviation and aerospace value chain – OEM, aftermarket parts manufacturer, repair organization, logistics supplier – you are measured by the quality and responsiveness of the service you provide new and existing customers. Blu-Obi chatbots collect visitor information, conduct surveys, generate leads, provide feedback, generate quotes, manage appointments, deliver product and service information and provide status of products/ service and delivery. Our Bot technology gives Blu Miles’ customers the distinct advantage of real-time learning with each inquiry, resulting in faster, better informed interaction with your customers and prospects.

Business Focus:

  • New customers coming to the web
  • Existing customers coming to the web
  • Sales and customer support assistance - internal associates using the web
  • Lead generation response/management
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Recruiting engagement
  • Other identified key constituents

Blu Miles Designs Impactful Enterprise Chatbots

Clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge in customer engagement and machine learning in building and hosting targeted automatic digital chatbot operations for leading aviation aftermarket enterprises. All of which are designed to improve the client’s competitive position in the aviation marketplace. Blu-Obi capabilities assure clients receive a robust, multi-functional platform that represents their brand well and enhances customer capture and engagement.

Zero Technology Platform – web-based platform completely hosted

Data Authentication through One-Time Passwords: Built in OTP to confirm the contact data shared by the visitor is authentic. In addition, the contact data is validated to reference accounts for access.

Machine Learning Studio

  • Script builder – Defines avatars, logic scripts and content references that outline your engagements.
  • Enquiry manager – Provides complete traceability of each engagementand identifies areas of enhancement
  • Engagement Authentication –Insight into customer validation
  • Metrics – Analysis and dashboard views of core engagement metrics

API – Realtime interfaces to existing enterprise content, allowing the platform to gather the format and deliver the information required.

Content Storage:

  • Documents: stores sales and customer support engagement documents needed for response delivery.
  • Email/LTR Response: Content automation leverages business situation letters and emails
  • Service and Delivery Status: Current status of parts in the sales cycle and repairs in the service cycle
  • Shipment: Shipping status and airway bill numbers for goods in transit
  • Export and Import: HTS and ECCN of shipped parts
  • Priced Quotes: Pricing to support the quotation process
  • Inventory: Parts availability and delivery timing
  • Appointment Manager: Coordinates calendars of availability of service capacity and collaborative events (trade shows – Conferences – Training)
  • Multi-language Compatibility: Allows you to engage the customer in their native language, from Sanskrit to English

AI Studio :

Engage, influence and support

Dialog Coach

In addition to providing a comprehensive chatbot platform, Blu Miles creates engagement scripting for a broad range of engagement scenarios. Our team monitors and assists in the continuous improvement of conversations with clients and the delivery of follow on documents, which results in a richer, more satisfactory customer engagement.

  • Initial visitor engagement
  • Follow-up contact and communications
  • Customer Service inquiry responses
  • Customer Support responses and updates

Blu-Obi affords our customers a managed service environment without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with the deployment of a web-based service. Blu Miles provides end-to-end services of the technical infrastructure and content of a customer’s new Blu-Obi chatbot Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. 


Our Bot Avatar Studio defines the customer’s chatbot requirements, abilities and persona and assigns the Avatar. The assignment may include languages, business roles, names, who they report to (and which Bots or clones of them report to them or clones of them) to address the market. Work-flow example: “Susan” a Customer Service Bot might hand-off to “Mike” who is a Sales Bot. 

The inquiry logic is stored as a common inquiry library item and can be cloned and/or edited to facilitate the development of other future engagements. Additionally, the logic can be linked between different inquires, providing additional learning and reference. These inquires can also be linked to resource libraries and included in a more comprehensive response and can be escalated to a live chat and/or call.

Blu Miles works with you to deploy JS code on your website to convert site visitors into subscribers. Once deployed, your ever-present, highly impactful team of Blu-Obi chatbots are ready and enabled to engage your clients.

Data or content libraries can be as simple as a picture or a brochure containing searchable meta data and some description. These library items drive responses to questions, for example inquiries on repair status (driven by assigned repair order number) or shipping status (driven by tracking number). Another resource would link trade show questions to event schedules and calendars and the availability of personnel. Inquiries could trigger mailing letters that follow-up transactions based upon discussion types such as sales follow-up, information follow-up, trade show follow-up, trade show contact scan, and follow-up sales packages discounts and credits. Most of these items are already part of the Blu.Dot.Aero PaaS framework.

For price quotes and sales wizards, whether with or without credit card transaction capability, Blu Miles can build out an advanced pricing module (follow-on development) employing the innate machine learning capability of the Blu-Obi chatbot technology.

Blu-Obi Resource Libraries incorporate:

  • Library of standard questions
  • Set of standard situational letters for each customer type
  • AI analysis and growth
  • Level Two chat support (AOG Services)
  • Level Three voice support (AOG Services)
  • Social media integration

Improving communications and customer understanding, speeding up responses and decision-making, Blu-Obi facilitates the quicker sale of parts and services. Integrating enquiries and solution providers, Blu-Obi shortens the sales cycle, brining in the most pertinent information, at the right time and alerting the right sales support personnel to reach a successful conclusion. 

It’s all about using your data and our machine learning AI chatbot tool to create a customer-centric environment that converts leads to satisfied customers in short order. A Blu-Obi enabled website and sales organization improves response times by XX% and reduces order errors by a factor of X. In short, Blu-Obi saves time and money, and reduces errors and inefficiency, generating quicker, more profitable sales for your organization

A Blu-Obi enabled enterprise wins and retains more business

Emphasizing clarity, understanding, and timeliness, Blu-Obi assures that your customer finds the right part, at the right price in a timeframe that meets his requirements. No more abandoned shopping carts or dropped quotes. No more missed opportunities to quote and sell. Blu-Obi turns dispersed organizational knowledge into a centralized data system that reacts immediately to prospect inquiries. Blu Miles makes it easy to present and quote parts and services, turning prospects into customer who keep coming back for the quality and accessibility of your products and the ease of doing business with your organization.