Blu Cloud


Inspired Ideas. Fast Answers. Endless Potential.

Leveraging Blu Miles’ extensive aviation industry experience and expertise, our pace-setting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Blu Cloud technology platform delivers unmatched business value to the aerospace and defense community, thanks to a unique selection of enterprise data solutions.

The Latest Data, Analysis and Insight Available Across the Enterprise

Blu Cloud’s complete suite of easy-to-use aviation-specific applications supports advanced business planning, project management, processes optimization and business analytics.   The integrated combination of business applications, server and storage capabilities work together to overcome the distinct challenges facing the A&D marketplace.  Blu Cloud drives intelligence sharing and gives client associates across the enterprise access to vital data, analytics and programs that improve decision-making and optimize performance.

Blu Cloud – The Aviation Industry’s Premier SaaS Solution for Service Lifecycle Management

Regardless of size or segment, any company in the aviation field can benefit from the comprehensive suite of data, analytics and program services available in the Blu Cloud business management platform.

  • Aircraft lessors and holding companies
  • Regional airline operators
  • Business jet owners and operators
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturers and suppliers
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul organizations

From Planning and Forecasting to History and Analysis, Blu Cloud Provides the Critical Tools to Manage Your Business

Our engagement model focuses on getting clients up and running and achieving operational benefits as quickly as possible. Blu Cloud is an essential component of that effort.  The Blu Cloud platform includes such integral aviation management services as:

Business Analysis:

  • Business Line Forecasting
  • Sales Compensation Management
  • Supply Chain Performance
  • Investment Performance

Project Analysis:

  • Material Sale Plan
  • Inventory
  • Sales History
  • Pricing
  • Cost Track
  • Investment Payment/Returns
  • Action Plan

Program Analytics:

  • RFP Manager
  • War Room
  • Repair by the Hour (RBTH)
  • Pool Management
  • Component Lease Programs
  • Exchange Management
  • Aircraft Lease Management
  • Engine Lease Programs
  • Consignment Management

Blu Cloud ROI Begins at Implementation

The Blu Cloud platform and associated web-based program management portal begin delivering results immediately, in the form of easier access to relevant data, sharable insights among the entire team, embedded business and project analysis and forecasting, and more.  A Blu Cloud-enabled client has the latest data, analytics and intelligence to make smart decisions – fast.

Management by Measurement:  Valuable Data at Your Fingertips

Blu Miles clients who adopt the Blu Cloud service have greater transparency into how their business are performing.  They enjoy the benefits of a suite of planning, forecasting and analytical services that monitor and measure the success of individual projects, as well as the enterprise as a whole.  With tools resident in the Blu Cloud, managers and authorized personnel can access, analyze and share data from anywhere.