Our Blu Market asset management solution serves as a vital, strategic management tool empowering the enterprise in effectively assessing, managing and increasing the return-on-investment of large aviation holdings.


These holdings represent both a substantial investment and significant risk. Properly assessed, valued and managed, they can produce a sizeable financial return. Achieving this return, though, requires mitigating risk, leveraging all the data at our disposal and a keen understanding of market forces and direction. Blu Miles has developed an asset management platform that provides powerful analytics, integrated business applications and easily implemented modules to track, manage and more profitably move parts through the pipeline. And we do it all on a first-of-its-kind cloud platform that is easy to use and configurable to meet individual client needs.

Just one of several Blu Miles solutions empowering the aviation industry with digital transformation tools that position clients to compete successfully at the highest level. To view our other innovative solutions.


Unlocking the Value of Aviation Assets

Our intuitive, easy-to-use, online portal manages the end-to-end process from lead generation / assets identification through evaluation and ultimately winning the acquisition of the targeted assets. We arm trading teams with unique insights into parts values and parts relationships (upgrades and configuration changes) that help them source, price and profitably market parts and material.

As a proactive planning and analytics platform, Blu Market ensures our clients have the visibility and prognostics to drive performance to meet their business and financial goals:

  • Measuring program and business commitments to actual performance
  • Providing leading indicators to your sales floor (managing commission programs along the way)
  • Informing War Room trading decisions
  • Generating visibility into customer satisfaction issues
  • Reporting progress and results to asset investors and consignment partners

Transforming business knowledge into valuable intellectual property, Blu Miles helps create a sustainable and scalable business built on the power of cumulative organizational data versus the knowledge of a few. A well-organized and appropriately delivered aviation asset management platform will enhance business value for lenders and investors alike.

Innovative Asset Relationship Management

Based on our deep expertise in modeling and analytics, inventory and asset valuation, investment funding sourcing and management, and our Blu Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) information management system, Blu Market delivers unparalleled Asset Relationship Management (ASM) capabilities via a unique, private cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.

Precision Asset Acquisition Management: Assess leads, manage opportunities, evaluate assets, configure the right deal, continuously manage your program

  • Lead Manager-Fleet Monitor: Aircraft fleet data integrated with aircraft lease company profile information reveals purchase opportunities of high probability.
  • Opportunity Manager: An opportunity pipeline workflow resource that supports each stage of the acquisition process.
  • Asset Evaluator: Time-saving evaluation of aircraft/engines and associated parts that determines the best value of the material and provides traceability throughout the lifecycle of the program and beyond.
  • Deal Maker: Enables the analysis of multiple scenarios and creation of the program, business model, cash flow estimates, project cost estimates and more.
  • Program Manager (Analytics): Manages contract commitment against the actual performance of the program, measuring KPI metrics from the asset’s acceptance through teardown and sales operations, providing return analysis for both the investor and the trading company.

Process Knowledge and Analytical Insights Transform How You Do Business

Blu Market Assets Reference Libraries turn your data into powerful information. These data-rich Assets Reference Libraries create the optimum environment for business planning and program execution, tapping into data gathered from multiple sources, both within and outside the organization. This unique repository formats and categorizes data into easily retrieved, easily segmented and easily used information that powers the core asset management functions available in Blu Market.

Blu Market’s Assets Reference Libraries allow you to quickly and accurately:

  • Create and update material and owner profiles
  • Catalog and classify parts
  • Track and trace fleets, individual aircraft and engines, and associated parts and assemblies
  • Rate, prioritize and price parts
  • Maintain serialized parts histories
  • Establish maintenance reserves
  • Monitor maintenance compliance
  • And much more

Planning, Project and Business Analytics Drive Operational Excellence

Rooted in the principle that “What Gets Measured Gets Fixed”, Blu Market’s comprehensive business analytics tools are invaluable for improved business forecasting, project planning and program analysis. Blu Market maximizes your aviation assets investment by:

  • Enabling you to create and analyze “what if” scenarios
  • Test business models and project plans
  • Compare actual results to the agreed-upon plan
  • Track sales to the contract commitment
  • Draft and deliver detailed program analyses that:
    • Evaluate sales
    • Validate parts pricing schedules
    • Assess lease and consignment program performance
    • And measure other key performance metrics

From the War Room to the Board Room, you can use these analytical utilities to keep all stakeholders – lessors, consignees, account teams and investors – informed on the progress and success of every program and venture.

Comprehensive Tools, Expert Analysis: Helping you maximize your aviation resources

The versatile Blu Market platform includes behind-the-scenes support to help assure effective implementation of all the capabilities of this multi-functional asset management system. Our professional staff of subject matter experts, analysts and customer relationship managers is available for operational support, training, data input/analysis, assessing leads, running reports and more. Whether you need a quick program refresher or require additional hands to accommodate your growing assets management program, we’re here to help you acquire, validate, analyze, protect and maintain the detailed data that this vital resource and service delivers.

Core Services:

  • Data integration: Valuable market intelligence dissected and integrated into Blu Market, enhancing your data and improving your decision making.
  • Data Integrity: Find and clean data errors such as record duplications, wrong or non-standard nomenclature, incorrect part number mapping.
  • Missing Data: Data found in one record that is applicable to others can be migrated into all appropriate records.
  • Market Research: Collect, validate and load data for you -- 
    • Want your mark on a product or service? We’ll get it.
    • Want MMEL data? We’ll work to find it.

Extended Service:

  • IPC and CMM: Data conversion.
  • Parts Package Evaluation: Analyze new opportunities using your data.
  • Custom Reports: Create and standardize custom reports, publish and distribute.
  • Aircraft and Engine Lead Generation Service: Conduct market research to find engines and aircraft that meet your criteria.

Blu Market Asset Management Speeds Decision-Making and Revenue Realization

The ultimate value of the cloud-based Blu Market PaaS Asset Relationship Management solution is the speed with which it can be deployed. Within weeks of launch, Blu Market can begin delivering the intelligence you need to develop an asset management strategy that supports your business and financial goals through accurate parts planning, pricing, and forecasting. It also arms you with the tools to put this plan into action, track and measure performance, and adjust as needed to achieve the results you want.

The data is there, you just need to know where to find it, and how to use it. Blu Miles can help.

Win More Business, More Profitably

Our solutions, individually built for each client, realize (on average) results yielding 25 times returns on our fees, and margin improvements of seven percentage points within the first six months.

How do we deliver these returns? By helping profitably evaluate aviation assets, manage programs and boost sales performance, while mitigating risk and leveraging the collective knowledge base of our clients’ organization. Featuring a complete set of easy-to-use asset management modules and in-depth analytics, our integrated suite of business applications, server and storage capabilities work together to overcome unique challenges facing the Aerospace and Defense marketplace. In short, Blu Market puts your data to work for you.