Inventory & Asset Valuation


Market-Driven Assessments Determine True Asset Value

Blu Miles’ Inventory & Asset Valuation service supports customers in accurately assessing inventory and assets’ market supply, demand and value -- providing customers with actionable information in determining the next steps in buying, selling, recycling or liquidating assets.

Buy, Sell, Invest, Recycle to Max Value

  • Few aviation advisory services offer the breadth and depth of aircraft parts aftermarket knowledge that Blu Miles affords its clients.  Our services support a broad range of customers from OEMs to financial services and hedge funds, with a common focus of understanding market trends, fair market values, and distribution channels and agreements.

We assist our customers in maximizing the value of their assets through such programs as:

  • Buy-Side/ Investor:  Looking to invest in a specific set of parts and assets?  Blu Miles can evaluate your package to ensure you have the relevant facts in buying the material.
  • Sell-Side/Refinancing:  Looking to refinance your inventory? Blu Miles can evaluate your package to assist you in securing financing and justifying your valuation.
  • Financing/ Inventory Review: Need assistance in evaluating aerospace inventory? Blu Miles can evaluate your inventory, asses its compliance to your covenants and help you understand the risks and opportunities.

Serving the Aviation and Investment Communities with Value Maximization Services

Leveraging decades of experience in aviation and aircraft manufacturing, operations, sales, repair, support and investing, Blu Miles provides Inventory & Asset Valuation services to:

  • Aircraft lessors and holding companies
  • Individual investors, investment pools and funds
  • Regional airline operators
  • Business jet owners and operators
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturers and suppliers
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul organizations

Optimize & Monetize Investment in Inventory

To effectively evaluate aviation assets and materials, parts must be considered in the context of the market, distribution channel, processes, systems and pricing policies that guide the sales transaction. 

We can provide advisory services or roll-up our sleeves and implement recommendations for you that will reduce inventory exposure and increase the return on your inventory investment. 

Additionally, our services include evaluating distribution companies, distribution processes, your customer base and the cost of redeploying assets. We offer services such as:

  • Parts Inspection, Assessment and Valuation
  • Liquidation Evaluations
  • “Market-ability” Studies
  • Parts Compliance, Certification and Documentation
  • Prep for Sale
  • Sales Channel Development
  • Sales Tools Development, Marketing Communications and Collateral
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Import and Export Compliance
    • Duty Drawback
    • Reconciliation Program
    • Interest Charges Domestic vs International Sales Corporation

Leverage Our Expertise for Quick, Accurate Results

Blu Miles inventory and asset valuations are quick, reliable and backed by market data, providing clients with actionable recommendations in a matter of just a few weeks.  Extended engagements to develop sales tools, overhaul sales channel operations or implement ongoing valuation programs and processes are pegged to performance milestones targeting early gains  and sustained returns.

Engagement Model

Our multi-phase project approach is designed to our customer’s Statement of Work.  The following outlines a model engagement:

  • Vision Alignment:  Hold discussion with key leaders and stakeholders on valuation objectives.
  • Business Review:  Review key operational documents: fleet, customers, processes, systems and distribution and sales programs. Conduct on site assessments and audit to validate business assumptions.
  • Value Assessment:  Review key value assumptions and compare internal to market-based data and/or create new data profiles based on market and proprietary data. Focus is on pricing, supply and demand validation.
  • Cash Flow and Return Model: Review and analyze sales projections, cost of acquisition and end-of-program residual inventory approaches.
  • Risk Assessment: Evaluate the potential to liquated or transition inventory to alternative providers. Assess, time, cost and financial impact of moving the inventory.