Enterprise Transformation


Blu Miles Delivers Transformative Solutions and Unparalleled Business Value

We work to transform and unify the aerospace enterprise all along our customers’ customer value chain, from new business capture to operational excellence. Our focus is helping you derive new value by optimizing supply partners, enhancing repair productivity, driving on-time performance within warehousing fulfillment centers and more.

We assess, evaluate, recommend and implement changes that re-engineer processes, empower people, expand enterprise knowledge and inaugurate new systems. We arm our customers with the business intelligence that enables them to thrive and succeed in an ever-more competitive and evolving marketplace.

Enabling Customers with Broad-Based Lean Services and Solutions

By optimizing people, process and systems, we align and integrate the entire enterprise – from R&D to production to distribution to after-sales support – eliminating waste, improving productivity and quality, and growing the business. Our role is to inspire and enable our customers to meet the expectations of their customers. Whether you’re an aerospace manufacture or an aftermarket service provider, Blu Miles’ real-time digital solution represents a unified approach to innovative product development and delivery, providing you with the flexibility to scale operations to meet market opportunities, the speed to respond to customer demand, and the quality necessary for unsurpassed customer satisfaction.  This vision is realized through:

  • Setting a strategic course
  • Identify targeted Growth strategies
  • Harmonize operational departments and functions
  • Mine business intelligence to inform better decision-making
  • Enhance the customer experience in all functions
  • Unify process improvements into an integrated, networked, operations platform

Serving the Aviation Industry -- Nose to Tail

The Blu Miles team boasts over 60 years' senior management experience in the aerospace and defense industry, including the management and transition of mid-life and end-of-life commercial aircraft assets. Our enterprise transformation services are tailored to the specific needs of:

  • Aircraft lessors and holding companies
  • Regional airline operators
  • Business jet owners and operators
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturers and suppliers
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul organizations

Tap into the Latest, Most Advanced Lean Technologies while Leveraging Current Capabilities

We analyze the client’s processes, infrastructure, and operational and financial performance to discover opportunities for increasing productivity, reducing costs and speeding time to market.  A Blu Miles’ transformation offers:

  • Lean Systems Analysis, Innovation and Implementation:
    • Kaizen Systems
    • Visual Controls and Management
    • 6Sigma Root Cause Analysis and Counter Measures
    • TQM, SPC, TPI
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Digital Transformation Strategies, Tools and Execution
    • IoT Sensor Integration
    • Bot-driven Automation and Smart Repair
    • Blockchain Intelligence
  • Sensors, Nodes, Cloud Platforms
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Technology Evaluation and Implementation
  • ERP, SAP and Business Information Systems
  • Global Customs Duties and Trade Compliance Management

Transformation Velocity

The Lean Enterprise relies on advanced technology to capture information on the environment, people and machines, enabling status, location, actions and exceptions assessments and creating a smart system that informs, alerts, coordinates and connects everyone.

With deep and rich experience in embedded applications and business/machine control systems, Blu Miles is uniquely equipped to aid customers in adopting the right technology for the task and fusing the data for a global view of enterprise processes.

A Blu Miles Enterprise Transformation begins delivering value from the moment the engagement begins, through insights uncovered in the initial evaluation steps, and continues through program implementation and the improvements and benefits it unleashes.

Harnessing the Power of Autonomics

Blu Miles tailors solutions that integrate the whole to deliver business intelligence and realize value for the enterprise. Success requires a strategic vision, detailed planning, and a disciplined approach to program development and deployment.

We create an intelligent, self-learning network that captures all transactions, initiates corrective actions and automates change. 

  • Visual Controls
  • Actionable Information
  • Real-time Adjustments
  • Improved Process Flow and Delivery
  • Reduced Costs
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Repeatable, Sustainable, Profitable