Advisory Services


A Trusted Advisor to Aviation & Aerospace

As a catalyst for value creation, Blu Miles Aviation Services provides its aerospace clients with an unmatched range of consulting services that optimize the acquisition of aviation assets and businesses.  Whether assisting in asset assessment, acquisition, financing or placement, or working with their teams to enhance business processes, improve revenue generation and increase margins, Blu Miles strives to safe-guard the asset value of the business and its component parts. 

Providing In-Depth Analysis, Industry Insights and Strategies-in-Action

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of services to enable our clients to improve their competitive position in the aviation marketplace and their overall financial performance.  In addition to airline operators, manufacturers, MROs and supply chain contributors, Blu Miles provides vital advisory services to investors, lessors and asset management firms. To that end, Blu Miles offers:

  • Fleet Assessments
  • Asset valuation
  • Sales Channel Assessment/ Placement
  • Business Development
  • Corporate/Product Positioning and Brand Management
  • Finance Placement Assistance - Equity and Debt
  • Risk/Threat Assessment and Mitigation
  • Deal Analysis, Negotiation, Due Diligence and Closing

A Valued Counselor to Business Owners and Investors

Blu Miles’ aviation advisory services are targeted to:

  • Aircraft lessors and holding companies
  • Individual investors, investment pools and funds
  • Regional airline operators
  • Business jet owners and operators
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Aftermarket parts manufacturers and suppliers
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul organizations

A Comprehensive Range of Analytics, Modeling and Value Optimization Services

Blu Miles offers services to assist investors in finding and acquiring assets, and maximizing their return on capital, supporting them with:

  • Asset Identification – Finding the Right Asset
  • Asset Acquisition Management – Buying at the Right Value
  • Deal Execution – Following the Right Business Model
  • Value Achievement


We support aviation asset owners in finding qualified buyers in both the investment and aviation community to assist in the sale of large assets, delivering a range of services including:

  • Asset Valuation
  • Customer Profiling – Right Package to the Right Buyer
  • Business Modeling – Pre-Screening and Material Packaging
  • Business Development – Expanding Market Reach and Visibility
  • Corporate Positioning – Strategic Communications, Public and Media Relations
  • Acquisition Management
  • Deal Modeling and Agreements Support
  • Logistics Management –Transition of Ownership

From Engagement to Success at the Speed of Blu

As experts in aviation industry manufacturing, MRO and airline operations, Blu Miles understands the entire value chain.  We know well the participants, the forces shaping the industry, the underlying growth metrics, which markets are ascending, which are in decline, where to find the best opportunities and how to seize them.  With this in-depth intelligence, we can make rapid assessments, swiftly devise business optimization strategies and implement a program for success in short order.  The market moves quickly, and so do we.

Business Intelligence and Insights Drive Better Performance

Blu Miles is the management consulting firm aviation aftermarket leaders come to when they want lasting results. Together, we find new value by developing insights to act upon and energizing teams to succeed.  Our in-depth advisory and strategy development services help aviation companies:

  • Attract New Capital
  • Enhance Core Capabilities
  • Expand Facilities and Staff
  • Broaden Product Lines
  • Extend Geographic Reach
  • Enter New Vertical Markets Via Acquisition
  • Position Companies for Merger
  • Optimize Business Investment and Returns