Digital Marketing and Communications


Today’s Marketing & Sales Are Digitally Driven

Websites, landing pages, browsers, search engines, meta tags, key words and phrases, email, online publications, blogs, webinars, virtual tours, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations… The Digital Information Age has changed how we locate, inform and interact with one another.  It has also overwhelmed us with daily messages.  A strategically planned and expertly executed digital marketing and communications program gets you noticed, properly positions your company in the marketplace and generates better-qualified sales leads.  Getting heard above the noise moves you ahead of the competition.

One-on-One or One-to-Many, Digital Marketing and Communications Give You Reach and Relevance

A digitally-driven marketing communications program is more targeted, more engaging, more responsive and more effective. Digital marketing allows you to improve and control your messages, and expand your audience.  New digital media techniques and tools create visibility, increase awareness, stimulate leads and generate sales.  From impactful websites and social media, to content-fueled search engine marketing and thought-leading public and media relations, digital media materials work in concert to inform, persuade and sell.  Simply stated, an effective digital media and marketing program sets you apart and puts you out front with:

  • A better audience experience – easy and intuitive
  • Improved interaction and conversation with prospects and customers – building good will and good relations
  • Optimum representation of products and services – effective, informative, persuasive
  • Proper company positioning and image – a clear statement of values and mission
  • Maximum impact – optimized rankings, increased traffic, more transactions

Every Aviation Products and Services Company, from OEM to Aftermarket, Must Rely on Digital Media to Carry Their Message

Regardless of your business’s place in the aviation value chain – original or aftermarket equipment manufacturer, repair organization, airline operator or aircraft lessor – digital communications are today’s means of reaching and influencing your key audiences. 

  • Sales Prospects
  • Prospective Investors
  • Current Customers
  • Investors
  • Associates and Staff
  • Industry Influencers
  • Analysts
  • Aviation Trade, Technology and General News Media

Blu Miles Designs and Delivers Impactful Marketing Campaigns and Digital Communications

Clients benefit from our myriad digital marketing and communications services designed to improve the client’s competitive position in the aviation marketplace.  We perform:

Communications Audit and Analysis:  effective conversations start with understanding the topic and the audience, therefore campaigns and ongoing programs are grounded in research and testing:  Who are the decision makers? What outlets and platforms deliver the best results?  What messages resonate?  Which web pages do visitors land and linger on?  

Website Development, Content and Maintenance: comprehensive websites, user-focused intranets sites, microsites, landing pages, splash pages, interactivity, Search Engine Optimization, traffic trends and analysis, and more

Digital and Print Advertising: online ad banners, tiles and microsites; traditional print magazine display ads and inserts; e-newsletter email sponsorships and messages, and other paid-placements

Interactive Events:  hosted webinars, tradeshows, user conferences, sponsorships, partnership events, targeted speaking engagements

Comprehensive Marketing Collateral:  brochures, sales kits, presentations, case studies, testimonials, whitepapers, promotional and “how-to” videos, infographics and much more

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing:  outbound email marketing campaigns, e-newsletters, blogs, online guest commentaries, social media account and website management and coordination (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Publicity and Media Relations:  news announcements and releases, feature articles, editorial interviews, virtual media tours, advertorials, editorial responses, etc.

Digital Communications Deliver Quantifiable Results Quickly

In a digital world, communications are trackable and measurable.  That’s why response, results and trends measurement and analysis are all integrated into every Blu Miles digital marketing and communications initiative.  A-B-C testing helps us refine messages and media, and website traffic, outbound marketing and other analytics help us understand total impact -- all with an eye to delivering targeted results quickly and efficiently.

Rising Above the Noise and Raising Awareness

Blu Miles offers a broad scope of website development, digital content creation and marketing campaign/program services that help clients enhance their image, improve their digital reach and positively impact their prospects and customers. From interactive websites that support outbound marketing and messaging to comprehensive collateral materials and digital sales kits, we provide the tools and craft the messages that inform, persuade and sell.