Engineering & Test Cells


Transformation through Technology

Blu Miles’ engineering service is a reliable source of engineering and technical staffing to support aerospace aftermarket programs. Our team of subject-matter experts can handle engineering challenges both large and small.  From jet engines to electronics, components to structures, test cell development and/or upgrades, Blu Miles provides customer-driven solutions that are flexible, scalable and cost-effective, meeting both customer demands and financial requirements.

Engineering Excellence and Comprehensive Test Capabilities Assure Product Quality

For clients in need of engineering support to develop and refine new products, testing and validation capabilities to meet certification requirements, better focused repair operations or the professional staff to execute on their customer commitments, Blu Miles offers experienced, multi-disciplinary teams in four strategic domains:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Systems & Software
  • Repair Service & Supply Chain
  • Technical Staffing & Recruiting

Aftermarket Manufacturers and Repair Centers Around the Globe Turn to Blu Miles for Engineering Expertise

Targeting aviation aftermarket parts and components manufacturers, and repair centers, Blu Miles offers a complete suite of engineering support and test capabilities.  We help companies big and small design, develop and bring new products to market; provide testing and certification services, and fine-tune repair services.

Technologically Savvy, Quality Driven

Blu Miles relies on top tier talent to deliver engineering and test services that match clients’ specific project needs. Whether it’s servicing a single component repair shop or providing support to a complex service network, our team helps clients meet their customer and business commitments on time and on budget.  Our services include:

  • End-to-end engineering services from conceptual design to sustainability support:
    • Engineering & Analysis
    • Modeling & Detailing
    • Value Engineering
  • Product systems, test systems, verification and validation, and industrial internet and engineering analytics
    • Systems Development
    • Certification
    • Analytics and Test
  • Solutions to simplify the complexities of Maintenance Repair & Overhaul and supply chain challenges
    • Industrial Design
    • Production Management
    • Provisioning and Forecasting
  • Industry-leading talent, technology and customer service to fulfill staffing requirements

Giving a Jump Start to Engineering and Quality Efforts

Blu Miles’ Engineering & Test Cell services are quickly and easily deployed and integrated into client operations.  With their depth and breadth of knowledge and skills, our engineering team is up to any challenge, whether working remotely, or onsite at a customer location. Our global reach allows us to start projects immediately and staff large projects within days.

CAI:  Precision Measurement Technology for Optimum Test Cell Accuracy

Precision measurement technology, in the form of Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI), provides manufacturers with a vital dimension verification capability to improve production reliability and parts conformance, reduce waste and speed up the product delivery cycle.  In new parts development, CAI offers a simple, rapid and sure method of directly comparing as-built parts with their 3D CAD definition. 

CAI allows manufacturers to:

  • Inspect and document part conformance and tolerances
  • Create a digital 3D record of production parts
  • Validate reliability of parts
  • Reduce iterations and scrap, saving months and millions
  • Analyze competitor parts to improve upon them

Computer-Aided Inspection plays a key role in product development, inserting quality inspection into earlier stages of the development cycle to speed product manufacturing and ensure greater quality.