: Commanding the World Wide Web

Unique Web Solutions for the Aviation Industry

Decades of experience in aviation industry product and service marketing, sales and operations has given the Blu Miles team a unique capability in website architecting, content development maintenance and digital marketing.

Our Blu.Dot.Aero web Content Management System (CMS) is delivered in both a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution business model, empowering aviation companies with versatile, reliable websites and Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM) services, driven by unique content that explains, persuades and sells. That’s why leading aviation aftermarket repair, logistics and manufacturing companies turn to Blu Miles to convert increased online visibility into greater revenue.

Just one of several Blu Miles solutions empowering the aviation industry with digital transformation tools that position clients to compete successfully at the highest level. To view our other innovative solutions.


Turn Website Visitors into Repeat Online Customers

Our innovative website CMS solution is created and managed by a multidisciplinary team of business marketing and customer service professionals who are responsible for the content and promotion of the website, and a technical group of web developers, software coders, web graphics designers, and data scientists who provide the infrastructure and analytics capabilities necessary for the delivery of a world-class website browsing experience. Provide customers a clear understating of the parts and service you provide.

The Blu.Dot.Aero PaaS solution elevates your capabilities and maximizes your online opportunities, turning a basic website into a sales lead generation and order transaction engine. 

And our Blu.Dot.Aero SaaS solution keeps the pipeline flowing through the creative implementation of new content and features.

  • A better audience experience – easy and intuitive
  • Proper company positioning and image – a clear statement of values and mission
  • Optimum representation of products and services – effective, informative, persuasive
  • Improved interaction and conversation with prospects and customers – building good will and good relations
  • Maximum impact – optimized rankings, increased traffic, more transactions
  • Superior Parts and Service Visibility – Very Part and Service as a Parts page the solution provides multiple search capabilities.

Every Aviation Products and Services Company, from OEM to Aftermarket, Must Have a Web Presence

But, in today’s competitive aviation marketplace, just being on the web is not enough. A corporate website should go beyond just carrying your message, it should seize the opportunity to inform, to sell and to transact. Whatever your place in the aviation aftermarket value chain – original or aftermarket equipment manufacturer, repair organization, airline operator or aircraft lessor – a Blu.Dot.Aero PaaS or SaaS web solution will assure you reach and influence your key audiences. 

  • Sales Prospects
  • Prospective Investors
  • Current Customers
  • Investors
  • Associates and Staff
  • Industry Influencers
  • Analysts
  • Aviation Trade, Technology and General News Media

Blu Miles Designs Impactful Web Platforms

Clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and communications and our unparalleled experience in building and hosting websites for leading aviation aftermarket enterprises. All of which is designed to improve the client’s competitive position in the aviation marketplace. Our website architecting capabilities assure clients receive a robust, multifunctional platform that represents their brand well and simplifies the way they do business.

Content Categories – determine major sections and pages needed to tell the 630 Aerospace story

Navigation Structure and Hierarchies – establish hierarchy structure for moving around the site

Site Planning and Wireframe Layout – plot the tiers and individual pages

Special Functions – accommodate special features such as site visitor contact capture forms, online subscription capability, special landing pages, embedded micro-sites, video streaming, etc.

Intranet Capability – password-protected, restricted access for employees, customers and others

Links – accommodate links to other sites (partners, customers, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

eCommerce Integration – link online inventory to eCommerce online purchase capability; enable web-based purchase transactions and order fulfillment

Microsites – create navigation path and page structures for embedded microsites dedicated to campaigns

Online Inventory – format and load database of cross-referenced parts; enable online query and response

Image Galleries – create ability to display rotating images and messages

Hosting – Blu Miles Siteground servers, with 24/7/365 physical and cyber security, data segregation/integrity, and maintenance

Web Development Tools – Site construction using open source technologies including HTML/CSS/JS/vue JS (front end), Laravel PHP (Server-Side Script and Framework), MySQL (Database) 

Mobility – Compatible with Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile for global access by a variety of mobile devices

Site Administration and Management – Simple to use online tools and flexible online editing system that allows basic site management by a non-technical Website Administrator

Website Analytics – traffic measurement and analysis

Search Capability

Basic Search – by platform .

Advanced Search – a more robust, interactive search criteria

Chat Bots – online queries and discussion

Blu.Dot.Aero Produces Websites that Influence, Persuade and Sell

In addition to comprehensive website development, hosting and maintenance services, Blu Miles creates content to tell the client story, establish credibility and showcase its products and capabilities. Content includes main and sub-pages, microsites, landing pages, splash pages, social media content and more.

Communications Audit – review and evaluation of current marketing collateral, product sheets, catalogs, presentations and other materials which may be downloaded; provide recommendations and budget for separate “downloadable content” development project

Page ContentDevelopment – create headlines and text, graphics, select photos for individual pages; establish an appealing, impactful and informative site

Online eNewsletter –online marketing newsletters targeted to prospects and customers with links to product offers and promotions

Online Blog –ongoing communications via the website, “sticky” content that keeps site visitors returning to learn more; promote products and services, comment on industry trends and events, and maintain a dialog with key audiences

Newsroom – an online library of all company news releases and news coverage about the company; a resource for others to learn more about the client’s business and what others are saying about it

Industry and Event Updates – calendar of client events, observations of industry happenings

Ongoing Website Updates – create new content that creates currency for the site (news items, technical topics discussions, team member bios, etc.)

Post-delivery, Blu Miles provides several Platform as a Service (PaaS) options for its web services clients. These options allow customers to run the Blu.Dot.Aero web platform and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with the deployment of a web platform. Blu Miles is fully prepared to assume daily management of the technical infrastructure and content of a customer’s new Blu.Dot.Aero website, or we can work in the background to provide them with back-up maintenance services as they need them. 

Services are bundled and offered at various package levels and price points. Management, maintenance and optimization services include:

Dedicated Webmaster – Blu Miles assigns a dedicated webmaster to provide immediate corrective actions and ongoing maintenance. The webmaster serves as master administrator of the site, maintaining all access keys and the ability to modify HTML codes.

Website Administrator – The client also appoints a site administrator who has responsibility for granting/removing authorization to site client-designated users for access to such features as site traffic analysis and online forms; and for uploading content (product spec sheets, news releases, blogs, etc.); Blu Miles provides training to the designee.

Rapid Response Service – Blu Miles’ webmaster is be available at any time to fix broken links and troubleshoot any technical issues.

Monthly Maintenance – regular monthly updates/edits to pages (adding new product sheets, text changes, uploading new events, etc.); depending on the technical requirement, this may be done by the Webmaster or by the customer’s Website Administrator.

Site Enhancements/Additions – Webmaster services are also be available for any site enhancements involving the addition of new pages or requiring code changes, such as adding new functionality, creating promotional landing pages, developing embedded microsites for special campaigns, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Blu Miles provides SEO services aimed at improving the website’s ranking on search engines, including Google, Chrome and MSFT Edge/Internet Explorer. This requires developing a list of key words, phrases and topics, and embedding/refreshing such one each page of the site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM requires continual distribution of link-able outbound messages and content, such as news releases, blog posts, online advertisements, comments on other sites, Twitter feeds, YouTube video uploads, LinkedIn company page updates, etc., which can be posted on other sites.

Social Media Management – Customer company pages on LinkedIn, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Wikipedia entries, etc. all provide platforms for disseminating the company’s key messages. Regular use of these outlets increases exposure and provides link-able content that points back to the customer’s website, increasing its ranking on search engines and building website traffic.

CRM Integration – Blu Miles offers modules which facilitate integrating the client’s website with the client’s internal Customer Relationship Management systems, such as populating the CRM database with site visitor contact capture.

Email Integration – seamless integration with client email servers allow automated email response to online inquiries, routing inquiries to appropriate functional areas and personnel and more.

Rapid Response Trouble-Shooting Service – Blu Miles’ Rapid Response Team will intervene within 24 hours to resolve issues.

Blu.Dot.Aero Web Solutions Accelerate Quantifiable Results

The digital world moves at the speed of light… and so must Blu Miles. Our experience in website design, development and implementation gets our customers up to lightspeed in rapid time, enabling them to turn online inquiries into sales revenue in the click of a mouse.

Our digital services group creates and deploys online solutions that are trackable and measurable, allowing us to quantify results and demonstrate high-value ROI. Why not turn your informational website into a transactional portal that is a robust, online extension of your sales program?

The Blu.Dot.Aero web platform provides an immediately functional website as well as a framework that you can build on. Our approach is easily configurable and highly customizable, affording customers a unique digital tool to inform and transact business. It’s ready to go “right out of the box”, so you can begin realizing the benefits of a well-built web platform on Day One.


Raising Your Profile, Improving Your CRM, Increasing Your Sales

The Blu Miles website framework/architecture provides a robust, multi-function web platform and services for aerospace and defense companies. Our clients measure success through better positioning for their company and products, improved sales lead generation efficiencies, more productive customer support, streamlined online order transaction, enhanced customer account management and more. We provide the capability and craft the messages that turn static web pages into a new sales and fulfillment channel for your products and services.