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Unique Cloud based Solutions for the Airline Industry- Maximizing Yield and Profitability

Our Blu Cargo management solution offers airline operators a simple and effective way to leverage passenger transport assets to generate additional revenue through cargo hauling.

During turbulent times in the worldwide aviation industry, passenger aircraft are often underutilized or, even, unused. These cyclical interruptions are costly in terms of lost passenger revenue and put expensive gate assignments at risk, if routes are not flown. Based on our more than 25 years’ experience in the air cargo industry and decades of developing software solutions to empower more efficient operations, our Blu Cargo solution provides airline operators with a go-to-market capability that quickly and easily repurposes passenger aircraft for cargo and freight transport. Properly managed, cargo initiatives can provide a source of quick revenue and a means of reducing the financial impact of schedule interruptions.

Blu Cargo is just one of several Blu Miles solutions empowering the aviation industry with digital transformation tools that position clients to compete successfully at the highest level. 

Simplify Your Cargo Operation

An elegant and easy-to-deploy solution, Blu Cargo allows passenger-oriented airline operators to refocus efforts on serving as a vital cargo transport service. It’s all in the Blu Cargo Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS) asset management system that centralizes the coordination of all marketing, booking, scheduling, tracking, customs and delivery efforts into a single system for easy operational control and oversight. Blu Cargo features:

  • Improved communication between cargo stations -- all information in one place
  • A better user experience – easy and intuitive, web-based process control
  • Integrated with SAP for seamless data exchange between your ERP, CRM and other business intelligence IT systems
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliant for reporting and regulatory transparency
  • Controls the entire process from commercial side to operations
  • Secure web management and interface to for air cargo monitoring and control

A Valued Counselor to Business Owners and Investors

Blu Miles’ Blu Cargo PaaS solution offers clients easy access to a global shipper customer base and the ability to segment markets by geography, type of aircraft, routes and capacity. Our solution is ideal for airline operators large or small seeking to maintain current fleet levels and replace lost passenger revenue through cargo transport:

  • Domestic and International passenger airlines operators
  • Regional airline operators
  • Aircraft lessors and holding companies
  • Business jet owners and operators

Blu Cargo is a comprehensive solution that allows passenger carriers to easily adapt operations to air cargo transport. We offer an A to Z approach to cargo and resource management throughout the shipment cycle, including

  • Bookings
  • Pricing (excellent rate & surcharge management)
  • Operations
  • Tracking
  • Communication within cargo stations
  • Customs and ex/im documentation
  • Finance

Website Architecture and Navigation:

  • Easy access to all features on the left hand menu
  • Quick search bar to access bookings, AWB numbers & CCAs
  • Multiple tab functionality allows multiple sections or AWBs to be open at the same time

Website Management, Maintenance and Optimization:

  • System Administrator – The client appoints a system administrator who has responsibility for creating new user accounts and updating any information in the airline’s data catalogues
  • Security audits are performed on a monthly basis to ensure secure transactions
  • System enhancements/additions
  • Rapid Response Trouble-Shooting Service

Technical Information:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant PaaS
  • Integrated with SAP advanced resource management systems
  • Java Platform
  • User interface: Based in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
  • +SQL Data Base Manager: MySQL
  • Accessible from mobile devices
  • System hosted on two servers (mirror) – 99.999% uptime

Blu Cargo begins delivering value within weeks of contract assignment and PaaS system deployment. 

  • Quick set up – as a turn-key PaaS Blu Cargo is designed to integrate rapidly with clients’ existing IT systems
  • Simple, intuitive system operations; requires minimal training and orientation time, meaning you are actively selling space and booking cargo sooner
  • Initial data catalogues, bulk uploaded by Blu Miles, quickly populate the offering, enabling faster time to market and first sales

Consolidate your cargo cycle in one platform

  • Get communication within the stations flowing
  • Have all information easily accessible under one platform
  • The ultimate managed solution to the problem of un-booked space