Investment Funding


Capital to Enable Growth

As a growth accelerator, Blu Miles Aviation Services provides aerospace clients with access to capital vital to extending their capabilities and expanding their businesses.  Whether assisting in asset acquisition/financing/placement, working with clients to strengthen business processes or helping fund the purchase of needed equipment or capabilities, Blu Miles takes an active role in sourcing the capital needed to enable businesses to thrive and prosper.

Access to Capital Turns Strategic Plans into Successful Ventures

Examples of our aviation funding activities include:

  • Trade-Based Financing
  • Managing Pool Programs
  • Test Cells and Other Large Capital Equipment Purchases
  • Facilities Expansion
  • Parts Acquisition
  • Inventory Financing
  • Funding Repair By The Hour (RBTH) Programs
  • Working Capital for Program and Personnel Expansion
  • Business Acquisitions

Covering the Aviation Landscape

Experienced in all phases of aircraft ownership, maintenance, repair and supply, Blu Miles serves the entire aviation operations and support spectrum, from aviation trading companies and regional operators to parts distribution partners, MROs and other aftermarket service providers.

In the Blu Miles Model, Financial Analysis Meets Market Awareness

Blu Miles services assist clients in finding, acquiring assets and maximizing their return on capital. 

We support clients with:

  • Asset Identification – Finding the “Right Asset “
  • Asset Acquisition Management – Buying at the Right Value
  • Deal Execution – Following the Right Business Model
  • Value Achievement

On the sell side, Blu Miles offers services to assist aircraft owners in finding qualified buyers in both the investment and aviation community to assist in the sale of large assets.

Quick Time to Funding Decisions Means Faster Program Implementation

Our in-depth knowledge of the aviation manufacturing, aftermarket and repair sectors gives Blu Miles’ clients a unique advantage when it comes to investment funding.  Our clients benefit from our ability to quickly and accurately evaluate funding needs and opportunities.  They benefit from our ability to devise acquisition, growth and exit strategies that maximize operations and returns.  And they benefit from our deep aviation and investment industry capital resources contacts -- relationships that lead to “yes”.

Benefit from Our In-Depth Analysis and Industry Insights

Clients benefit from our myriad services designed to improve the client’s competitive position in the aviation marketplace.  We deliver:

  • Finance Placement Assistance - Equity and Debt
  • Market Opportunities Assessments
  • Business Strategy Modeling
  • Investor, Lessor & Asset Management Matching