Blu Miles is the industry’s leading commercial aviation leasing and equipment advisory firm. Our principals have decades of senior level executive experience in aviation-related manufacturing, marketing, distribution and parts repair.  Joining with market-leading equity financing and lending firms, we have established an innovative collaboration that combines a proven approach to the financing and acquisition of aircraft, engines and structures with a market-maker’s expertise in identifying and managing global distribution of investment pool assets.

The Blu Miles management team thoroughly understands the complexities of aircraft asset analysis and valuation, having overseen the assessment, acquisition and redistribution of hundreds of varying types of aircraft.  The core asset management team leverages the following executive skills and industry experience to deliver exceptional returns:

  • Managing large international sales operations and daily trading of aviation assets
  • Strategic sales of multi-million-dollar packages to OEMs, MROs and brokers
  • Market access to key decision-makers at OEMs, MROs and Airlines
  • Securing and managing large consignment programs, pool programs, and large material and fulfillment programs -- both engine and airframe
  • Creating and negotiating exchange programs and agreements
  • Establishing and leading large multi-site FAA Repair Stations
  • Developing and managing multi-site teardown operations
  • Optimizing large international distribution networks
  • Deploying large, complex enterprise software solutions
  • Enacting BER agreements
  • Implementing large scrap and recycling operations